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Adobe Creative Cloud

What are the system requirements for the Creative Cloud products?

View a complete list of product requirements here.

Will the software run on tablets or smartphones?

Although the desktop applications will not run on mobile devices, Adobe’s Mobile Apps provide the ability to sketch, draw, paint, create layouts, edit photos, and more. With Adobe CreativeSync, all apps and assets are connected across the desktop and mobile devices. Mobile apps can be found here.


Can I install the Creative Cloud desktop app on more than two computers with same account?

Yes, you can download the software onto 2 machines but you may not run more than one instance of the software at a time.


Do I have to download the entire Creative Cloud suite or can I just download the applications I need?

You can download just the applications you need and then return at a later date to download any other applications.


Will the software run in the Adobe Cloud or do I download the software onto my PC/Mac?

Creative Cloud software must be installed on a Mac or Windows desktop.


Can I get upgrades whenever a new version of the software is released?

Yes, the campus agreement covers all upgrades that are released during the term of the agreement.


Where can I get additional information?

You can find commonly asked questions at:

Adobe Creative Cloud for Personal Computers Technical Support FAQ

For Technical Support, please note that the Webster University IT Service Desk will not be able to provide support for, including forgotten passwords or any issues related to purchases and installations.

For additional software related questions or support related to Adobe for personal use, please contact:

  • Procurement and Access support for software: 
    Visit the website and/or call Kivuto 1-888-396-1447 
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Redemption Code Support: 800-443-8158
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Redemption Code download 
  • Adobe ID sign in and troubleshooting

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